Photo Credit:  @carolinetran

Photo Credit: @carolinetran

      My name is Rosemary and I'm the owner of Rosie's and Lily's Paper Flowers, a small business based in New Jersey.  In search of how I would be able to combine creativity with helping and serving others in a special way, I came across the beautiful art of using crepe paper to create flowers.  I was so inspired by the world of paper flowers that there was no question about what I needed to do.  Rosie's and Lily's Paper Flowers came to life in May 2018 in hopes of bringing fun, beauty, happiness, and encouragement to others.

     Throughout the past couple of years, I've been in deep search to find out what it was that I was meant to do.  After  university and 13 years in the corporate world, I came to realize how much I've missed my creative years as a child and the joy I felt as an adult when the chance came about to work on hands-on projects.  After discovering the excitement of creating crepe paper flowers, I was off to new beginnings, shedding the past, and dedicating my energy to sharing my passion with others, no matter the fears and the unknowns.  You see, I believe that everyone should take a chance and take a step forward because we only have this one beautiful life.  Enjoy it and make it yours.  I hope that my work and creations help spread joy to your loved ones and to you.


Rosemary Joaquin